God Save the Queen’s BBC

Doctor Who  //  Sherlock  //  Misfits  //  The Fades  //  Primeval  //  Torchwood  //  Being Human

If you’re a nerd and you aren’t watching, and obsessively in love with, at LEAST one of these shows you need to turn in your “card” and don’t bother coming to the next “meeting”.  The creativity coming out of Britain has been brilliant as of late.  After recently coming back from our annual pilgrimage to San Diego Comic-Con I can vouch for the fervor that is Doctor Who.  For a t.v. show to be in Hall H (6,500 people) – a room normally saved for big studios introducing the likes of Iron Man III or the next James Cameron flick – is a HUGE deal.  But to have people spend the night outside of the convention center in the hopes of getting a glimpse of the characters they adore is amaze-balls.  Now, add to that the fact that the t.v. show is nearly fifty years old AND was off the air for sixteen years A N D has now been on the air for seven years in its current run – WTFBBC?!

But what is it about British t.v.?

Is it their accents? Is it the dry, sometimes, warped sense of humour? Is it their colourful words for reproductive organs and curse words? Big Ben? Parliament?  I DON’T KNOW!  For me the shows all feel … different.  It doesn’t feel like they are trying to use a formula.  There is no cookie-cutter feeling while I watch.

Example:  Sherlock – set in modern day England with what can only be described as text message-type word bubbles to help you keep up with Sherlock’s brain.

Example:  Misfits – early 20’s group of kids doing community service and get hit with a wacky storm that gives them supernatural powers.  Do they put on costumes and try to save the world?  Ahh – no.  They just try to get through their days and see if they can find others who have powers too.

America has made a version of Being Human… anyone watching?  America is also making a modern day Sherlock Holmes, where Watson is a girl – really?! (and yes, I know it worked smashingly with Battlestar Galactica, but that was Katee Sackhoff)

I encourage everyone to go to Netflix, Amazon or BBCAmerica.com and give something new a try.  I’d love to hear your thoughts when you do!