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Under Da’ Sea

So it’s been awhile since I’ve been here… I mean, I hate to bore anyone with the mundane-facebook-like-updates of “Had great toast for breakfast” or “Don’t you hate it when your tire is… Continue reading

God Save the Queen’s BBC

Doctor Who  //  Sherlock  //  Misfits  //  The Fades  //  Primeval  //  Torchwood  //  Being Human If you’re a nerd and you aren’t watching, and obsessively in love with, at LEAST one of… Continue reading

Imaginationist : Travis Hanson

Ok, so it’s not a real word, but how else do you describe an artist and writer whose simple yet elegant design can so easily whisk you away on such a magical adventure. … Continue reading


So I know what you’re saying… “Oh great!  A comic book about wrestling…”  I thought the same thing too.  Only I had the sound of glee in my voice where your tone was,… Continue reading

FAR from what I expected…

I bought FAR ARDEN at San Diego Comic Con 2009 (FYI – a lot of my blogs will start out this way).  Top Shelf, as a publisher, has some AMAZING authors that they… Continue reading

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