All About Me

As my first blog says, I am a late comer to Nerd/Geek culture.  How?  I don’t know.  I’m somewhere between a stalker and a hoarder of all things pop culture, so how I avoided it until my 20’s is beyond me.  I do not have the focus and fervor that most nerds have for  what they are passionate about (wish I did), but my self-diagnosed A.D.D. let’s me love bits and pieces of everything.  You will likely find me in the local comic book store, used book store or movie theater.  I am VERY lucky to have a husband that not only encourages my exploits but treats me to them every chance he gets!  Add to that a handful of friends who have some of the same passions and I am one very lucky girl!

On top of that I love to write.  I’ve written as a tween – mostly fan-fiction and the like, but always enjoyed going to English class and reading and writing something new.  In the past couple of years the writing bug has come back in full force!  Between comics and sci-fi/fantasy movies I’m moving beyond my youthful puppy-love stories to more in-depth big-world stories that I hope will take the reader to someplace they have never been before .