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The Forbidden Path

Skyler shot straight up in bed, covered in sweat with a heart beat so loud it deafened her and her to everything around her.  Panting, she rubbed her eyes and searched for the… Continue reading

Early Morning

An ashen haze hung in the sky as the sun struggled to make itself known. A thick, soupy mixture of grays and golds stirred above as Sydney twisted and stretched to bring some… Continue reading

Bright Lights, Big City

This is my first attempt at a Flash Fiction Challenge with Chuck Wending at (squee!) Flash Fiction Challenge :  In the Martian suburbs celebrating the Red Planet’s independence. On the first night, when… Continue reading

My Ass Is On F I R E

So… this is a thing that happened… I spend the last – I don’t even know how many years – trying to write.  Coming up with bits and pieces – scenes that played… Continue reading