My Spawn Song…

So I start this journey of blogging by admitting I became a geek very late in life.  I didn’t have to suffer the wrath of bathroom swirlies, being bounced off of my locker before class or some lunchroom horror where my lack of social skills was announced publicly followed by a face full of Wednesday’s Special Meatloaf.  I coasted through middle school and high school under the radar.  Had friends from all walks of life, but didn’t really connect with anything.

I met my husband at the ripe old age of 20 and quickly learned of his undying love for movies, especially Star Wars.  Ok… I liked Star Wars.  I’d certainly seen the movies more than once.  I could have a semi-intelligent conversation involving characters, locations, ships… but that was my extent.  He was passionate – a passion that had started at the age of six.  A passion I had never had for ANYTHING before.  And I was (secretly) jealous.

His passion for movies led us to looking for action figures, which led us to shopping for toys.  I was happily along for the ride, not really knowing what I was looking for, or sometimes, even at.  But I poked around the pegs while he shopped.

And then… I saw it… SPAWN!

I’d NEVER seen anything like it!  I was mesmerized.  The detail. The color. The characters.  The figures were very advanced for the time and I was instantly hooked.  I found out it was a comic book and I was even more intrigued.  So, we found a comic book store – another new experience.

Again… in awe!  Rows and rows of beautiful artwork and characters on covers of books I’d never heard of.  Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman in ways I’d never seen.  Going back to the store became a weekly addiction.

One store became all stores in the valley – then Tucson – then California.  Comic book stores became conventions; San Diego 2011 was our SEVENTH.

Comics – independent and corporate, books, movies, TV, artist alley, web comics, vinyl toys – you name it I LOVE it!  I refuse to limit myself to anything out there.

I got the opportunity last year to tell Todd McFarlane what he had done for me.  Love him or hate him, he was an innovator.   I’ve met him before, but I finally got the courage to say, “You are the reason that I love comics the way that I do.  I saw those Spawn toys in the store and I was hooked.  It led me to a comic book store and the rest is history… Thank you.”  He smiled and said “thank you” – I’m sure not knowing how to respond, but it made me feel good to say it.

My purpose with this blog is simple – thank the artists and writers I have met and who have, and continue to, leave me in awe and to connect other people to those artists and writers that they may have never heard of before.  If anyone can have my “Spawn” experience – that instant spark with something new and exciting – I’ve done what I’ve set out to do!

Thank you for your indulgence…